What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a particular form of copywriting that is uniquely suitable for websites, blogs, social media, online newsletters and online advertising.

At The Write Way, we work according to the brief provided by the client and research all aspects of the business before writing for the various platforms. The content is closely matched to the context and edited, formatted and displayed in an attractive and professional way.

The website content is optimised for SEO, which means that the writer uses the key words and phrases that are embedded in your website to improve your search rankings and bring customers to your website.

Why Worry about The Content?

People read web content in a different way to printed material. The process is very rapid with readers scanning each page and quickly moving on if they can’t find what they want. Outdated, badly written, or irrelevant information diminishes the user experience and this has a negative effect on the perception of your business. With the countless competing websites out there you need to make sure your content is current, concise, and accessible with engaging text, and perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Carelessly written content also affects your SEO because search engines are programmed to check the quality of content on websites including bad grammar and spelling.

What We Can Provide for Your Business

We have seen that customers will judge the quality and trustworthiness of your services based on your website and if the content is not compelling and comprehensive, you will have wasted marketing opportunities, lost leads and diminished opportunities for growth.

At The Write Way, we provide a professional writing service with a personal touch. We are approachable, personable, and provide clever solutions to help you make your business reach its full potential. We interact with you and your staff before, during and after the writing process to ensure that we fit the style and tone to your individual brand, and that we are creating the message you want to convey. We have practical knowledge of many sectors in business and professional life and have the extensive research skills and flexibility to write about a substantial array of subjects.

Further Marketing Assistance for Your Business

We also provide tailor made packages to help you with other areas of your marketing. We can create content for social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can contract us to write a regular online newsletter or blog post, and create content for your online advertising including email marketing. We can include SEO assistance by analysing your website and social media performances using Google Analytics.