What is an Editing Service?

A step beyond proofreading, this service takes your draft text and selects, modifies, prepares and organises it to produce the perfect prose for your printed or published work.

Unlike content or copywriting where we write the bulk of the text for you based on your guidelines and our expertise, an editing service essentially proofs and polishes your own output according to parameters agreed between both parties.

Many of us will have the ‘eureka!’ moment where we are thinking creatively and are suddenly bombarded by fantastic ideas. You rush to your computer or simply grab a sheet of paper to get these ideas on record as quickly as possible before the muse goes missing in action again!
Whether you are left with a pile of incoherent ramblings or an almost perfect gem of a proposal, you may need someone to bring it to the next level for you in order to confidently send it out for public consumption.

We are the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ that will make the in depth changes to grammar and structure, and advise on which content is appropriate or engaging, selecting and modifying accordingly.

We will add supplementary text, graphics and diagrams where needed, and prepare the document for presentation or printing with correct layout and formatting. We can check references and ensure that it is thoroughly proofed and in order before the final submission.

What Benefits Can Editing Services Offer You?

Our editing services are suitable for adapting PowerPoint presentations, documents designed using Desktop Publishing (DTP), business proposals and submissions, reports, memos, manuals, press releases and marketing materials.
For performing arts practitioners and other artists, our editing services can be used for enhancing portfolios, catalogues, grant applications and proposals, press releases as well as flyers and posters.

We Provide Editing Services for Business and Creative Publications Only.

We Do Not Provide this Service for Academic Work.